Transportations to Tahkofest are negotiated with OnniBus – OnniBus offers you a student-friendly priced bus rides. You can get to Kuopio by OnniBus from Helsinki (line F5) and from Turku (line F9). Connection from Kuopio to Tahko is arranged for these passengers.

On Friday the bus will drive from Kuopio to Tahko at 17.10 from the Kuopio main bus station. The ride back from tahko to Kuopio leaves on Sunday at 11.00. From tahko you can hop in the bus from any of the bus stops along the Sääskiniementie. Please note that the tickets need to be reserved as one way tickets. Also, the reservation systems does not allow a straight reservation (e.g. Helsinki – Tahko) so please reserve tickets from to and from Kuopio (e.g. Helsinki – Kuopio, Kuopio – Tahko).

Local students can also use these rides between Kuopio and Tahko. Remember that the quickest reservers will get the low OnniBus ticket prices!

You can get your tickets from

You can also catch the ski bus around the Tahko area, which can take you for example to Nilsiä.